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I believe in better homes; better value, better for society and better for the environment.I think we can achieve this if people have the chance to customise their own homes to suit their needs and their budget.

– Gus Zogolovitch
Managing Director, Rare Space

Rare Space - About us

Your estate agent for custom build homes

I started in the property industry as a contractor and then became a developer. I ended up building my own home in 2009 and have striven to enable more people to do the same ever since.


However, it’s really hard to build your own house. That’s why we are estate agents specialising in finding plots of land, existing property, new build shells or other opportunities where you can still get a say in the layout, design, environmental features and specification of your new home.


I am an executive board member and member of NaCSBA where we lobby tirelessly to help people build their own homes. I sit on the right to build policy commission and chair the custom build developer group.


I believe that if we realign the incentives of owner and builder so that everyone wants the same thing and it’s not simply about profit, we can produce better design-led and environmentally sustainable homes.


Gus Zogolovitch
Managing Director
Rare Space

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