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Sydenhamby Unboxed Homes and you
Location: London SE26
Architects:  MW Architects
What: Six family houses

If you’ve ever dreamed of building your own home, then this could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Finding a plot and doing it yourself is hard. Very hard. It took Gus Zogolovitch, MD of Unboxed Homes, five years to find a plot, get planning, find builders and move into his own self-built home. That was considered quick. From that moment, he was on a mission to help as many others experience the same benefits of living in a self-built home. As a result, he set up Unboxed Homes and was voted on to the executive board of the National self and custom build association (a voluntary not-for-profit) in order to change the way the UK builds houses.

Self-building is difficult because people who do it aren’t professionals and often have day jobs. Finding a single plot for a single house at the right price can take many, many years. Getting planning, finding the funding, getting the home built adds to the stress and the time. However, once they’ve achieved it, self-builders all agree that the journey was worth it.

For Gus, he lives in a house that is much bigger than he could otherwise have afforded. It is extremely air-tight and highly insulated meaning bills are low. The windows are huge so that it’s flooded with light and the layout really works so that the circulation flows and the rooms are all the right sizes. How many houses can comfortably have a table that seats 12 in the kitchen? 

Is it any wonder that over 60% of us would like to self-build at one point of our lives? What’s depressing is that fewer than 1% ever do so.



+ A community of just 6 architecturally designed family homes


+ Designed by award-winning local London architects


+ Choose your layout and specification to suit how you want to live

+ Be part of a like-minded community with private gardens and access on to a large shared communal meadow garden


+ Embark on a different route to property ownership by cutting out the developer and doing it yourself


+ Save money on stamp duty too!

Community-led custom build


So what is community-led custom-build? 

In short, it’s where you and your fellow future neighbours buy a bigger piece of land and split it into individual plots. You then collectively develop your own homes.  You save money because you don’t pay any developer profit, since you and your group are the developers.


How are Unboxed Homes involved? 

Unboxed homes do three things. First, they find and secure the site and obtain planning permission at which point the group is formed and buys the site. Then, they project manage the building process on behalf of the group and third, they are there to step in should anything go wrong or should anyone pull out. 

So, if you can’t find a self-build plot or you can’t find a home that’s right for you, or the home you want isn’t within your budget, community-led custom build could be perfect for you. 

Unboxed Homes have secured this plot in Sydenham (which doesn’t yet have planning permission). They have engaged multi-award winning architects, MW Architects to design six brand new family homes.

The earlier you get involved, the more opportunity you have to influence the design so register your interest now to find out more. 

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