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Why should you sell with us?

Our database consists of people who are looking for homes to renovate, plots to self-build, or shells to fit out.

If you have land to sell, or a house that needs extensive renovation and would like an agent who specialises in selling customisable homes, then get in touch to benefit from our database and our expertise.

We can help in three ways


We find buyers who other agents find hard to reach

We de-risk your project by selling early

We are a one-stop shop for both marketing and sales



+ How much does this service cost?

We charge a standard commission. We only get paid if we are successful in selling your home

+ Do you also deal with marketing?

Yes, we are specialists in communicating self-build and custom build projects, and would be happy to create a tailored marketing strategy for you

+ What if I already have an agent in place?

Not to worry, we partner with plenty of agents – just make the intro and we will do the rest

+ Do you also offer land for sale?

Yes, please get in touch for more details


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